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Blinking the sleep out of the eye, something is wrong. Feels instinctive turmoil. Next to me in the double bed you are lying like this, because you are my husband. You sleep in sleep, I smell beer in your breath. The gray morning light sneaks through the white curtain drawn for the window in our bedroom. Here is quite quiet, except for your muted snoring. I turn my head and look at the alarm clock, it’s only half past five. It’s too early to wake up, especially a sunday.
Trying to close my eyes and force myself to sleep on. Does not feel rested at all, but the turmoil will not let go of my body. It’s a breathtaking attempt, I discover, open eyes and sugar. Can as well stand up. As quiet as I can, I put my bare feet on the bedroom carpet and raise me. Will not wake you, gently open the door, list out in the hallway and close the door behind me. Opens the door just across the other side of the hall and looks in. The children’s room is also quite quiet, listering to the cradle and looking down. She is so beautiful, you and my little daughter. I want to ewe her little round head, her thin-haired hair, but lets be. She must be allowed to sleep. I smile at her and list out in the hall again. Now I know everything is as it should be.

Discover, I am thirsty and lists the bathroom door, goes in and opens to the cold cock. Bend me to drink the water jet. I’m lucky, I drink some big sip and fix me up. Becoming dizzy at the sudden movement. We got too much to drink yesterday. Too much indeed. I’m looking in the mirror. Red eyes and swollen eyelids. Ugly dark hair stretches in all directions, keep up where I look smashed out. Taking a hairstick from my little basket on the shelf, collects the hair in my neck and wraps the elastic. It helped almost nothing, I observed in the mirror. On my t-shirt, white until I got washed it with dark, I discovered dark spots from water droplets that rolled down my garden. Irritated, I dry my mouth with the back of my hand.
My head is still spinning and has started to dunk a little. I want in the kitchen and have a headache pill, just for safety. Maybe I can sleep and let go of the urge I still feel? I leave the bathroom and go down to the end of the hallway. Opens the door to the living room to proceed to the kitchen. Stopping halfway into the living room, when I discovered him on the couch, had completely forgotten he is here. Do not bother, so he wakes, gently closes the door behind me. A loud click flares the silence, he moves under the blanket on the couch and mumbles something. I am stiffening, pushing his back against the doorstep and standing still. On the couch, Kim faces, so he is lying on his back.
We were only three of us last night after the little one was put. You, me and your schoolmate Kim. Kim is quite a boy, even though he must be in the end of the twenties. Kim has never really settled down, have you told me and also that he always had luck with the girls when you two went a lot in town together. Its probably true. Kim is charming. The type is a bit naughty but never evil. He always looks an eye when he talks to one. Also when he flirts, which he allowed me to do last night. I remember, I smiled and felt hot cheeks and that you laughed indulgently. It fits well with Kim, being both a charm and a driver.

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And then Kim is a nice guy. Short blonde hair, which is pretty messy right now on the side he slept on a little while ago. Nice figure, no matter what clothes he’s wearing, but what I best can, is his jaw. Sharp and masculine cut and over the fine shaped straight narrow lips. I take myself to stand there and study him more than I needed. Well, but no harm has occurred, I keep an eye on him as I list through the living room. Fortunately, the carpet dampens my steps.
Kim mumbles and moves uneasily, I stop right and look at him. Standing still and waiting, he must settle down again. Out on the lawn, a very early morning bird jumps around in the spicy dawn. I am much closer to him now, can slightly smell his deodorant and him. He has a few sweat pills on my forehead, I want to iron them away, but I can not. He murmurs again and bends one arm over his head. He has no hair in the armpit or on the piece of the chest, he has just devoid. He is really beautiful. Like those ancient statues you can look at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. As with them, I can not help but look and wonder.
Suddenly he hits his eyes. Fuck! Busted! After a brief moment of orientation, his blue eyes look straight into my brown. Yes, in fact, with Kim, he feels he looks farther that he sometimes searches in one’s hidden places in the mind. I turn my eyes down, turn me away and take quick steps toward the kitchen door.
“Wait,” said Kim with morning voice.
“Sorry,” I murmur, my tongue feels swollen in my mouth.
“No, wait,” he demanded. I’ll stop his back with him.

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“It was not my opinion that …” I start an excuse that can only be bad.
“Come here,” he says kindly, but also tender.”Kim, can not we just forget that?” I pray and hear the couch creak.
Undoubtedly I stand with his back. In front of me, the kitchen door is only three steps away. Behind me is the living Greek statue so tempting and so forbidden. Slowly I turn to him.
“What,” I ask low and looking down at a point on the carpet, will not look at him.
“Come,” he says so low, it’s almost a whisper.
I see he stretches a hand toward me. He has sat up on the couch with the blanket over his legs. He does not lower the arm again, even though I stand still for a long time. Then I take the first unsafe step towards the sofa. It feels like a journey to go a little way to him. My legs feel insecure, the urge rages for full strength in my body and in my mind. I stop a little before, I reach his hand, feel a lot more dizzy and eager than in the bathroom a little while ago.
Kim lowers his arm and moves to the sofa so he is closer to me. I avoid his eyes, see his heavy slide over his lips. He breathes loudly through his nose. Then he raises both arms and puts a hand on the outside of each of my thighs just over my knees. It seems like he’s studying my legs for a moment.
“Rick, you’re a really beautiful girl,” he says calmly.
“No,” I deny because it’s true.
“I also want you,” he says, irrespective of what I just said.
“Kim …” I hug.
“Schyyy”, he cheats and then his hands begin to move.

Kim’s palms feel warm and dry as they slide smoothly up the outside of my thighs. My muscles are dizzying, I’m not sure I can keep the balance. My hands continue upward, disappear over my hips under the t-shirt and farther up and stop at my waist. Kim is looking for my eyes, I only give him a card, I want to close my eyes and save me. Then Kim’s hands move back downwards. Soon they reach the edge of my cotton thighs, fingers slide under the elastic and pull the pants downwards.
“Kim,” I protest, my voice shakes.
“Yes, my dear”, oh that little little smile about his lips.
“That … That’s Wrong,” I murmur.
“No. On the contrary,” he says, continuing to pull my pants down.
Soon after I feel the fabric release my uneasy lap. I try to control my breathing, it should not mess me off. Kim pulls my pants down to just over my knees. His left hand slides again on the outside of my right thigh. His right hand lies on the inside of the same thigh and immediately follows the left upward inside the thin, sensitive skin.
“My husband”, I whisper the highest.
“Sover”, Kim responds untouched, both his hands continue up my thighs.
“We can not”, I protest but without moving.
“We can and we will,” replies Kim, studying my thighs, while his fingers are far too close to my most intimate place.
“I do not want”, I hug and stretch my abdominal muscles to control my voice and body.

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“No,” I get together and answer, feel a finger whistling my lap and pulling me back.
“Yes,” replies Kim and emphasizes, showing me a forefinger covered by my own moisture.
“It’s alright”, I whisper and look embarrassed away. The bird’s nest on the lawn has stopped.
“No, it’s not. Hold your mouth a little and come here,” replies Kim and sounds a bit annoyed.
He leans forward, moves his hands to my hips and pulls me rather unclear closer to him. His nose tip hits my belly skin slightly below the navel. He sneaked in loudly.
“Mmm, your pussy smells delicious”, he brushes and sneaks in again.
“N-now”, I answer. My hands are sluggish down the side, but should push him away.
“Have you been thinking about how your pussy is,” he smiled, pushing the t-shirt upward.
“St-stop, Kim,” I whisper. Kim sighs and tightens the grip of my hips.
“I did not say you should be silent,” he blames and looks up at me.
“Ah, Ah, yes,” I answer completely wrong.
“All I want to hear from your sweet mouth is horny words and sounds,” he continues.
“Kim”, I protest and try to twist my hips out of his hands.
“Was it hard to understand,” he asked quickly and fastly, in my one’s tail.
“Off!” I excite and instinctively rub the place he mentions me.
“Was it hard to understand,” he repeats and looks at me.
“Good, my dear. Now you can show me your pussy,” he says, releasing my hips.
“I can …” I start, but interrupted by Kim’s raised eyebrows.
“I’m waiting, honey,” he says, putting his hands on his knees.
Under half a meter from my navel is Kim’s beautiful head. His blue eyes are lightly aimed at the bottom of my curly t-shirt. I do not want to think why I’m doing it, but with my right hand I grab the t-shirt by the navel and pull up a bit. So embarrassing and so cross-border. Kim does not move, just awaits. I pull up a little more, blow my lap to the eyes of him. Know that’s deeply wrong. Discovering, the blotting turns on the most primitive pages within me. Kim looks up in my eyes, I stop the movement.
“Honey, there’s a really nice pussy on you,” he charmes.
“Thank you,” I whisper the hottest and hate myself to feel pride.
“Cheeky detail,” he says, stroking his one thumb through the vertical strip of dark hair, letting me grow over my shame.
“Oh thank you,” I murmured. Kim does not know that the strip is there because my husband asks for it.
Kim stares at my lap. His thumb slides up and down through the hair strip. I’m just standing there, holding my t-shirt up for him and hoping a lot I should not hope. The tip of Kim’s thumb slides down the hairstrip one last time, proceeds a little further down and into the top of the crack. Gently rotates the tip of the thumb, thus pulling indirectly into the skin fold over my clitoris. I hold the weather will not give up. Bites in my lower lip, giving up and sipping out. Kim looks crazy on me.
“There you finally said something sensible,” he drills.
I do not answer him, just closing my eyes trying in vain to choke my smile.

The thumb stops rotating, but remains at the very top of the crack. It pulls upwards, so my clitoris is blotted. I open my eyes to see Kim’s head approach my lap. Then comes the first little kisses bottom and bottom of my groin and sends sweet signals through my body. Then the tongue tip is so gentle and warm against my skin. Soon my tongue is on the top of my sex lips, my tone is gathering in my insistent dun in my bright button.
“How Much Tastes,” Kim mumbles from there, putting her tongue back to my gender.
“Oh Kim,” I moan and hesitantly put my free hand on his head.

My clitoris feels huge and way too lonely. It is as though the rest of my body is only an attachment to it, so strongly insists on Kim’s attention. But Kim is boring, licking too close to it, but far too far away, it’s hardly enough to last.
“K-Kim”, I moan and drill my fingers in his short hair.
“Is there anything you want, baby?” He asks without moving the tongue from my skin.
“Mmmm. Yes, yes,” I moan.
“You can ask for it”, hurts him and the headlines strokes just over my throbbing swollen knobs.
“Oh, oh, like me,” I mumbled after hesitating a little.
“I already do that,” he replies, and emphasizes with a long candy along my shin.
“Well, right there.”
“Here,” he asks and strokes my knot easily.
“Hnnngh. Yes. More,” I whisper.
The moment after, the tongue pointer plays over my knob. I’m worried about legs that hardly can carry and push Kim’s head against my lap. I’m trying to dampen my sounds, how difficult it is. Imagine if my little family heard me like that, but it’s worth the chance right here and right now. This and more to, Kim is all I want this morning. The tip of the tongue hurts in small fast movements, my knot is ready to burst. I’m going to hug, drop Kim’s head and bite my index finger to dampen my sounds. It hurts, I come back a bit, but only shortly. The hot wave that means orgasm, raises soon again in my body, I’m so close.
Atthe same time, the world’s main heavy tip disappears from my lap. Keep up where I’m disappointed and feel cheated. I’m looking at blame on Kim.
“Not yet, honey, turn around,” he buzzed.
“Aij Kim …” I start, but interrupted by sudden pain in my one ball.
“Do not you hear now?” Kim blames and tends to be a bit harder in my mind.
“Yes, yes, I do,” I apologize quickly and turn back with him. Only he will do more about me.
“Good girl and good ass,” he laughs behind me.
“Okay,” I answer completely wrong.
“You must not go and save. Next time I come, you have your tightest pants on,” he asks as he caresses my backdrop.
“It’s not possible”,

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“It was not a question,” he replies, and hurts me hard.
“” Auw. Oh yes. Let’s be, “I replied.
” We have a deal, “he asks, hugging both of my buttocks.
” Okay. Yes. Just you …. “I start.
” Just me what, “Kim laughs behind me.
” Nothing, “I’m delighted, I did not ask for that.
” Can you reach the floor with your hands? “He asks Fortunately, the other thing lies.
“Can I try?” I respond too vigorously and bend over.
As unclear as you can almost, it’s possible to get my fingers to hit my feet. My back hurts I do not know for quite a few seconds, I know and the pants on my knees hamper me.
“Wait a minute,” I say, move his hands to the panties and push them down to my ankles.
“Fair enough,” Kim laughs a bit too satisfied with me.
I ignore his cheek, it’s just now. I step out of the pants, stand with my feet farther apart and bend me forward. Now I can reach even though it is still an inconvenient position.
Go, girl, “says Kim and aer my backdrop.
My buttocks are really kneaded, it pulls into the skin several lovely places around. After a while, I’m feeling well in the legs of standing in that position, Kim stops his numb frame, but lets one hand rest on my loin.
“Arghhhh,” I exclaimed when a finger urges me and I almost fall forwards.
“Nice pussy,” buzzed Kim, pulled her finger slightly and drilled one finger up in me.
“Oh, nghhh. Jaah,” I almost miss, enjoying some of him in me.
Kim moves my fingers, he is not gentle and he does it in a way so his thumb hits my clitoris. My moan and whining and wet sounds from Kim’s fingers that dig in my mind are all I hear and is all that matters. I’m tired of having my head down and by asking for him who’s not my husband. My legs shake, but I do not want to get up, Kim asked me like this.
A convulsion! Suddenly I’m empty inside, where is it unfair. Kim noses again my backdrop, I’m a bit appealing about it, almost do not care who uses it right now and how.
“Haha. I knew there was a beautiful hide in you,” laughs Kim and gives my one ball a loving whistle.
“You, do not say something like that,” I suck.
“I must show just what I want with you, little treasure,” he answers.
“Oh, we need to talk about it,” I whispered.
“You’re right, my dad,” he bucks and grabs my hips.

I quit a surprised outburst as he pulls back into my hips and I’m pretty unclean landing on the sofa next to Kim. At the same time he is over me, his hands everywhere on my body and his tongue squeezed in between my lips. I open his mouth to it, now it’s an urgent need to make all of it banned with him and I leave my heavy meeting. He kills my breasts, I’m fiddling on his chest, crazy about to feel his whole body.
“You need to brush your teeth”, he breaks our dirt and smiles.
“You do that too,” I laugh and quickly let my heavy slide over his lips.
“Hmmm. Oh yes,” Kim replies surprised, but he’s laughing too.
“Afterwards,” I whisper and try to kiss him.
“After what,”
“After you know,” I respond and blush.
“You’re sweet when you’re embarrassed,” he smiles.
“Thank you, I think,” I whisper and blush.
“Is there any thing you want?” He asks and smiles so badly and fluffily.
I do not answer him in words. Instead, squeeze my mouth toward him and let my one hand slide down over his stomach. Fixed abdominal muscles under soft hot skin, mums! My fingertips slide under the elastic of his boxer shorts and hits the moment after his swollen limb. Kim makes her mouth free of mine.
“The one there,” he asks, nods and smiles shyly.
“Whatever you want with it,” he chills.
“You know,” I respond and look shyly down.
“You can just ask, honey,” he says.
“Okay,” I answer and shut my hand about the lovely hardness of his shorts.
“Something you want to ask, honey,” he laughs at me.
“Hmmm. Joooh,” I answer and gather while I rub it I wish most of me.
“Yes,” he calls and lovingly stretches my child.
“Øhm, mark you in me”, I feel and feel too easy to get.
“Do not understand, honey. Was that a question?” He is drilling.
“Kim. Do not push me so much. You know so well,” I pray.
“Well, that’s no problem,” he continues. I take a deep breath.
“Would like to feel it in me,” I say lowly and stresses by giving his limb a hug.
Kim pushes his tongue into my mouth, his hand is looking down between my legs. Oh, I just know that is happening right now, the introduction is to do what I prefer. Warm pulsating dun in my diaphragm knows it’s time. Our tongues dance, I rub his limb while his fingers pierce my lap. He interrupts the kisses and puts his lips close to my ear. His breath is damp on my cheek.
“You’re almost there, honey, ask,” he whispers.
“Do you want to take me.” Really, “I ask whispers in his.
“Yes,” he whispers after an overly long break of art, and he makes himself free.
Kim wakes himself out of the rug and gets up. Quickly, he pushes his shorts down and gets out of them. In front of me, his limb stretches and swells. It is quite thick and with clear blood vessels. The head is big and very swollen, a drop slides out of the head and hangs in a long clear string dull from his limb. That limb is the most beautiful sight I could see right now. I’m staring at it.
Kim takes the blanket, he slept under, swings it up into the air by holding the corners of it and spreading it onto the living room floor.
“So we do not pest the carpet,” he explains.
Okay, “I answer in vain, knowing what he thinks.
” At all four, “he buzzed and pointing to the blanket.
” Yes, ”
“Wait, the blouse,” he says, pointing to a t-shirt.
“Yes,” I whisper, pull the t-shirt quickly over the head and let it fall wherever it will.
“There are the teats,” he laughs.
“Yes, some have girls,” I laughed shyly. Otherwise, do not want to have them mentioned.
“Down”, he calls again and again pointing down on the carpet on the living room floor.

I step in the middle of the rug with my back to Kim. Looking over his shoulder and laying on my knees. Know, it’s a small show I’m doing, but it seems a bit cool to show me to him. Bending me up and putting my palms on my blanket, then looking over my shoulder to irritate him.
“Longer down,” he demanded.
“So, baby and spread more,” he demanded.
“Such,” I ask, moving the knees farther apart.
“Perfect treasure. Where did I dream to see you like that?” He murmured.
“Real,” I ask and feel more naked than ever.
“Yes, well, but what was you wanting?” He asks and kneels behind me.
“Mark you in me”, I whisper and swallow my back, Kim puts a hand on my pussy.
“Such,” he asks, pushing his thumb up in me.
“Oh. Yes. I mean no, not completely,” I moan.
“How then,” he asks and rotates the thumb in my mind.
“Your .Mmm. Your dick,” I stammer.
“Come with that darling”
“I want to feel your cock in me”, I pray low and too cheap.
“Well, we’ll do that,” he says behind me, moving his knees between mys.
“Yes, yes,” I moan and try to move my naked sex closer to his cock.
“Funny honey,” he bucks and stops me by putting a hand on my back.
“Take me now, Kim,” I whisper.
“Ask”, he drills and puts the limb’s head to my entrance and pushes too little on.
“Are not you sweet enough to take me?” I pray and try to push me against him, but he’s stuck.
“Confusing. Half an hour ago, you tried to get rid of,” he answers.
“But no more. Take me now, Kim”, I pray, could almost tease.

“Nghhh. Yes,” I moan all too obscene.

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“More,” he asks, moves my hand from my hip to my horse tail and forces me to turn his head.
“More. Oh more,” I whisper and chase back to him, he has become strawberries in the berry.
“A satan’s horny one you are,” he buzzes, squeezing down.
“Arrrghh. Yes. Mmmmhh. More,” I finally jam up Kim’s cock.
“Is already in the bottom of your all too open kiss”, he grins and tightens the grip of my hips.
“Well. Hhhh. Pick me up. Do not you want it?” I rebuked.
Finally, he moves in me. He wraps my ponytail on his one hand, bows me calmly while he keeps pace with me at the ponytail as it was the pillow of a pony. I whine and moan, enjoy him in me and push in the backward direction to feel him the most. Kim increases the pace, releases the ponytail and takes a good grip on my hips. Then he releases. With quick long bumps he pumps his delicious limb back and forth in me. I feel the orgasm waves begin to rise in my heart to fill my body with explosive heat. Oh, just touch Clit a little, can not wait anymore. Lifting the right forearm from the floor and reaching down between my legs. Oh yes, there, mmmm. Kim’s purse rhythmically clicks my fingers looking for the button in my flower. Oh it’s hard, the little bud, the wave rises in me, ready to roar through my body. Kim encountered me ruthlessly recklessly. Now I’m there, Argh. Fuck. Falling forward, away from Kim’s lovely cock, suddenly out of me. Stay so close, raise me at all four again and get between my thighs after Kim’s cock.
“Mom, honey,” he says stubbornly.
He walks on the couch, pulls one of the cushions to his back and pushes it under my stomach with the highest end of the shroud under my hips.
“You’re not going anywhere,” he laughs and pushes to my back, so I land on my belly on the sofa head.
Looking back, Kim sees me over me, steering his cock between my thighs. And then I feel him filling me up again. Kim puts his hands flat on the floor next to my head. Up and down he hugs me deeply, the whispers when his luster hits my buttocks is too loud, I do not care. I massage a hand between my belly and the sofa head, push my hand down so I can reach my freak’s insistent hard pearl. The wave seizes me again immediately. It rises, I’m joking loudly.
“Schyy, honey,” says Kim and pauses to put two fingers in my mouth.
“Ah oh, mmm”, I answer between his fingers and enjoy that he both takes and suits me.
“Out of the way,” protests Kim, I was biting his fingers.
“Oh, sorry, let me come now,” I pray. Kim reaches the couch.
“Here, pray for it,” he grin and throws a sofa pillow next to my head.
I pull the pillow with me with the free hand and bury the face in the pillow. Kim does what I want from him: I thoroughly inspire. My finger also does what it takes on my clit, now nothing can stop the wave, I barely notice it rises again. With one, it fills my body with heat and light and everything around me disappears. In heavenly moments, I’m just a cheerful holster about Kim’s cock. I wobble down in the sofa and melt with him, with the heat and with the light.
My legs are a little joking, I’m about to come to myself. Removes the pad to breathe freely. Kim is still in me, but motionless.
“Beautiful, honey,” he smiles lovingly.
“Oh god how embarrassing,” I say stubbornly and saves the head in the pillow again.
“No, turn around”, asks Kim and pulls out of me.
“Can not”, I complain about the pillow.
“You must. I’m not done,” he demanded.
“Kim, no more”, I pray.
“What?” He asks and bumps my head.
“Auw. Oh. I’m .. I’m completely done” I apologize, but turn over my back.
“Just anxious,” grits Kim and pulls me in place with the gull on the edge of the sofa head.
“Okay, but start carefully,” I pray and open to him.
“Of course, honey,” he smiles sore and places himself between my legs.
Just above my Venetian hill, I can see Kim lower her body to place her dickhead next to my entrance. I’m tucked together down here because I’ve just arrived, so Kim has to squeeze some. Suddenly Kim is released into my mind. It’s as if my pussy has her own will and it wants him. He starts quietly as he promised. Meanwhile, he is concentrating on the place our bodies meet so lovely and forbidden. He puts a hand on my venus hill and his thumb begins the lovely little trick at the top of my crack. Slowly my wrist is awakened and the rest of my body gradually.
Kim is red in his head, sweat runs down over his peaks. His beautiful upper body shines with sweat, I want to touch him and kiss him all over, but does not work out. Kim increases pace and strength in his shock into me and, surprisingly, I feel I can come again. I allow myself to whisper, Kim smiles at me and pushes my thumb against my upset knob. I think, maybe I will need the pillow again soon and fool after it. Kim laughs silently, sweat drips from his garden, the delicious salty nectar lands warmly on my stomach and my breasts.

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Kim starts sighing and grinning, I see, his muscles are tense. He just uses me, hugs me heavily and deeply. His neck muscles become tight, he bites his teeth together and stiffens, I’m fascinated that his beautiful body is dizzying and filled with ecstasy. With a wet sound he pulls himself out of me, holding on to his shiny cock. The sight of the first ray that shoots out of his header feels like an ancient primitive victory. Barely the beam is warm and glistening on my stomach before he has pushed me up again and embarrasing drains within me.
Kim moans loudly and falls over me. He rests on his forearms while he comes to himself. I nose his sweaty neck in the meantime. He smiles down to me and gives me a kiss.
“Then we’re almost done, honey,” he says drilsk and gets up.
“Almost,” I ask.
“Schyy, be quiet, honey,” he answers and pulls out of me.
He lies on the side next to me. I smile shyly at him and await. He distributes the strip of sperm beyond my stomach before his hand slides down to my used swollen lap. He is good with the fingers, soon I need the pillow and whistle a nice little orgasm into it. Kim waits until I remove the pillow from my face and he gets up. His body glitters of sweat, his limb is red, wet and slim between his thighs. He stretches my hand and helps me to stand on my leg.
“We have seen some clean-up,” he laughs and points and nods down to the rug we are on.
“Oh, oh,” I answer embarrassingly, suddenly aware of what we have just done.
“Too bad, you’re lovely,” he says, putting his arms around me.
“Thank you so much,” I answer and cut down on the mess.
A cushion from the couch with moisturizers, I do not want to know what’s. A curly blanket, a sofa-covered shield of my saw.
“Oh, I just wanna dry me,” I say, waving me free.
“Of course,” Kim replies, stabbing out of the kitchen.
Takes a proper piece of kitchen roll and dries our mixed juices of my gender and my inner thighs. Looking up to the kitchen clock on the wall, it’s half past six. Shit! We’ve been kidding for at least an hour. Rails against the closet, behind it the glass is headache pills. I stop the movement halfway. Discover that I no longer need a headache pill. Enough closer to a regret, now I think about it. Remember to find an excuse to go to the pharmacy later today.
Oh God, what have I done? And what should I quit? Here I stand in my kitchen and my kitchen, sweat and steam of sex and even with your old classmate’s sperm inside me. I do not know what to do with myself, take a glass from the closet and fill it with water. Opens the cock too much, the water splashes over the kitchen table and down on the floor. Scolds on my mind, finds a dish and dries up. Looking at the towel, then opens the hot tap and turns the dish up. Drying so fast I can sweat and sprout my body. It helps a little bit of my bad conscience. I also need my t-shirt. Now.
Frets me into the living room. Do not know why I cover my breasts with my arms. Kim has just looked and got everything. Something has changed. The sofa is arranged, a pile of blanket and pillow is on it, I’d better put a sink over. My t-shirt is over the armrest of the sofa, I hurry to put it on. Discover my panties half under the couch and pick them up. Must take them on, but no, they certainly also need to wash. Upside down the bowl of dirty clothes lies Kim’s white cap. He usually wears his head when he comes. I take my cloak where is the rest of Kim’s clothes really? I smell the capper, yes, it’s his. Inside the sweat band is written something. “Call at any time”, says there and also a phone number. I can not figure it out right now.
I hear a sound from the hallway and get panicked. Shit! It’s too early to get up. Then I hear the front door clicking and understanding: Kim has gone. I feel a piece of need, but also gratefulness. Can not be confronted with either him or you right now. I walk over and open the patio door, to the extent that the living room has to be aired out. Gets dirty clothes and Kim’s cap in the bathroom. The sewing machine is smoking in the washing machine, Kims cap down at the back of the drawer with my underwear. I list into the bedroom and creep down the mouse under my duvet, turn me over and look at you. You snore low and smash a little, you are a good man. You do not see that smile I smile for you.

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